In line with the principle of reinforcement championed by B.F. Skinner,  the founder of Netbups, Mr David Banaaleh on the 3rd of  May,2016 conferred on the following  personalities co founders of the Association:
1. Alhassan Mohammed Mutawakilu
2. Jones Kwesi Tagbor
3. Bawah Zakaria Abdullah
4. Cicilia Limangsiab Dam
5. Erik Kofi Danso
6. Semekor Lily Mawunyegah

This honour according to the founder, is  based on  the immense contributions they made towards the progress and success  of Netbups. In addition, he said "they have shown consistency and inspirational leadership right from level  100 to level 400".
It is our  conviction that our new co founders will continue to work assiduously to support the course of NetBuPs wherever they will be in order for us to realise the vision and mission of our association.
We  salute the founder for this kind gesture and we hope that he will continue to reward deserving members to boost the morale bolster the commitment of members towards the course of the association.
Godwin Adi Yaw was also appointed the new administrator of the association's website
Finally,we want to  thank every one for the confidence you have in reposing the mantle of leadership  on us and we hope to follow the walking example of our predecessors to uplift the image of NetBuPs high above the sky.

Adi Godwin Yaw- Organizer

Our Vision

To make psychology one of the tools for nation building by bringing it to the doorsteps of all and sundry as successfully done in other jurisdictions.



blockquoteWe are so made, that we can only derive intense enjoyment from a contrast and only very little from a state of things.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

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