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NetBuPs is an acronym for Network of Budding Psychologists, an initiative of David Banaaleh (King-Dave), a Bachelor of Science Psychology Student of the University of Cape Coast and a native of Nadowli-Dambaa but hails from Daffiama in the Upper West Region of Ghana, West Africa.

The main idea behind the formation of NetBuPs is to mobilize young people who have the aim of becoming psychologists in future to start making their hay while the sun shines by putting into practice various psychological theories, principles and laws in solving daily problems from their environment.

NetBuPs goes with the motto linking the person to the mind and the slogan change the mind and change the person.

Due to the complex and sophisticated nature of society in recent times, we, in NetBuPs decided to be eclectic. That is, to say, we embrace all psychological perspectives in our quest to finding answers to societal problems facing the survival and dignity of humanity. Though we strongly support the use of research as a panacea for solving societal problems, we totally disagree with the wholesale acceptance of research works done outside the jurisdiction of Ghana and for that matter, Africa for cultural, socio-economic and geographical reasons.

As part of our social responsibilities, we deeply champion the philosophy of innate goodness of humanity, an idea supported by empirical evidence of Carl Rogers’ concept of unconditional positive regard. We are therefore, of the view that nobody was born bad into this planet but it is the society that is implicated for any deviance behavior and hence the same society can reverse the trend to normalcy.

Our Vision

To make psychology one of the tools for nation building by bringing it to the doorsteps of all and sundry as successfully done in other jurisdictions.



blockquoteWe are so made, that we can only derive intense enjoyment from a contrast and only very little from a state of things.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

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